1. Access Hours:
The facility is accessible 24/7 for all registered users. Please be considerate of noise levels during late hours.

2. Security:
Always lock your storage unit when not in use.
Do not share your access code or key with anyone who is not a registered user.
Report any suspicious activity or security concerns to facility management immediately.

3. Painting/Welding:
No spray-painting or welding permitted in our facility 

4. Sleeping:
Our facility might feel like home, however we do not permit anyone to use this facility as a residence or sleep in the units.  

5. Personalization:
You are welcome to personalize your storage unit, but avoid making permanent alterations to the facility structure.  

6. Hazardous Materials:
Do not store or use hazardous materials, chemicals, explosives, or flammable substances within the facility.

8. Insurance:
The facility is not responsible for any damage to personal property. Consider insuring your valuable belongings and vehicles.

9. Visitors:
Visitors are allowed but should be accompanied by the registered user. They must adhere to facility rules.

10. Reporting Issues:
Report any facility maintenance or repair needs promptly to ensure a safe and functional environment.

11. Violation Consequences:
Non-compliance with facility rules may result in warnings or, in severe cases, revocation of access.

14. Emergencies:
Familiarize yourself with facility fire extinguishers locations and exits.

15. Liability:
Tenants are responsible for their own safety and any injuries incurred in the facility.

16. Parking:
Any unattended vehicles left outdoors overnight will be subject to towing at the owner's expense.